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Abercrombie Administration Still Accepting Applications

Contact: Laurie Au, 808-587-4002

The Abercrombie Transition received 2,430 resumes submitted through the website as of 11 a.m. today.

Today is the suggested date for applicants interested in working for the Abercrombie Administration to submit their resumes via the website as the review of applications begins this morning. Transition Director Bill Kaneko emphasized that today is not a final deadline and people can continue to submit applications until all positions are filled.

“We have received an enthusiastic response from thousands of people who want to serve the public by working in the Abercrombie Administration,” Kaneko said. “We are looking for people who are dedicated to Governor-Elect Abercrombie’s vision of a New Day in Hawaii and who can work effectively with our diverse communities.”

No decisions on Cabinet members or other positions have been made. Kaneko will be in charge of a process reaching out to many members of the community to identify highly qualified applicants.

“Governor-Elect Abercrombie will be making all the decisions as to who will serve on his leadership team,” Kaneko said. “We continue to encourage everyone to participate by applying or identifying talented public servants who are ready to face the political and fiscal challenges in Hawaii today.”

Kaneko noted that all members of the public are encouraged to submit their input through the website, which was launched on Nov. 4.